vermont football officials association

Rules & Mechanics

The Rules administered and enforced by VFOA members in VIFL football contests are those written and formulated by the National Federation of State High School Associations ("NFHS"), as adapted and modified by the VPA. The NFHS Rules are amended and republished annually and VFOA Members receive an updated Rules Book every summer for study and preparation prior to the season.


VFOA also abides by the terms, policies and procedures set forth in the NFHS "Officials Manual" published bi-annually. This manual provides a guide and format through which each official in a crew is directed and organized to officiate his position as an integrated member of an efficient team. The Officials Manual also outlines procedures and details to promote consistency among members.

Each August all VFOA members receive two NFHS examinations - one on current Rules and another on Mechanics. The exams are administered by the Commissioners and each addresses fundamentals as well as amendments or new developments for the upcoming season. Members are expected to study and take the exams seriously and meet minimum acceptable grades established by the Commissioners.

Rules Intepretation

The VFOA Board of Directors has appointed a Rules Interpreter who will annually monitor NFHS publications and committee reports for the adoption of new rules, amendments to existing rules, expanded or alternate interpretations of rules and changes to mechanics. An important element of VFOA's Annual Meeting is a presentation on new rules and rules interpretations. This Rules Interpretation page will provide updates to keep VFOA members current as well as a forum to answer questions from members, coaches, players, media and fans in general.

Rule Changes

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