vermont football officials association

Policies & Procedures


Active members are required to provide the Commissioner with notice in July of his availability in the upcoming season. Varsity game assignments are generally provided in 2 week intervals and all assignments are to be honored. In an emergency, members are expected to immediately contact their Commissioner to enable the potential vacancy to be addressed.


The VFOA utilizes this website to notify members of initial game assignments and to provide updates if changes are required. Members also use the site to file post game and mileage reports. Each member has access through a personal password and this secure site has proved to be an efficient and economical communication tool.

Vermont Football Officials Association

Games - Varsity

Crew members are to be at the game site/facility at least one and one half hour (90 min) prior to scheduled kickoff. Members must be in possession of all required uniform and related equipment, including alternate choices in the event weather or game conditions change abruptly. A comprehensive pre-game conference is conducted beginning 60 minutes before kickoff. The crew will take the field and assume responsibility for game administration 30 minutes before the scheduled start.

Games - Subvarsity

Crew members should arrive 30 minutes prior to the scheduled start fully dressed and prepared to work the game. Emergency cancellations are to be communicated first to the assigning parties, then to the Commissioner and finally to another member of the crew to allow alternate arrangements or mechanics to be employed. A members’ failure to honor his commitment is unprofessional and disrespectful to all participants and this is equally true for subvarsity games.


Attendance at the Annual Meeting and the Mechanics Workshop are mandatory for all members unless absence is excused in advance by a Commissioner. Weekly and/or bi-weekly meetings must also be attended, although it is understood conflicts are to be expected over the course of a season. Whenever possible a members’ absence is to be communicated to a Commissioner.

Playoff Game Assignments

A VFOA member must be admitted for 5 years to qualify for playoff games. Playoff assignments are made by Commissioners taking into account the quality of a members’ regular season performances and is limited to those who have attended 75% of the regularly scheduled meetings and received satisfactory grades on the NFHS Rules and Mechanics examinations. Officials selected to work VPA Championship Games are subject to review and approval by VPA.

North vs. South Senior Bowl Game

The Commissioners annually select volunteers to work this game and the crew is traditionally comprised of 3 officials each from members in the north and the south.

Vermont - New Hampshire Shrine Game

This annual benefit game between graduated seniors from Vermont and New Hampshire high schools is held on the first Saturday in August, either at Castleton University or at Dartmouth College. VFOA members in good standing for at least 10 years are eligible for appointment as one of the 3 Vermont officials to work the game with 3 New Hampshire officials. Selection to be a Shrine Game official is an honor and an experience to which all VFOA members aspire.