vermont football officials association


  • ZebraWeb
    VFOA Scheduling Site
  • Football Refs
    The authoritative site for the history of the rules. Tracks all rules changes from 1981 on. Also good source of mechanics.
  • Football Refs - Mechanics
    An index of illustrated mechanics.
  • Football Officiating Forum
    A good place to chat with other officials about rules and mechanics.
    Vermont Athletic Directors – Especially good as a source for the freshman, JV, and varsity schedules and Vermont-specific information such as playoff procedures and VPA regulations.
  • Vermont Principals' Association
    High School Athletics/Activites Procedures
  • NASO
    NASO is the world's largest organization for sports officials at every level and all sports.
  • Referee Magazine
    A great magazine for officiating - rules, mechanics and basic information.
  • Ref Stripes
    Another great discussion board for officals about rules and mechanics.
  • Honigs
    Equipment and supplies
  • AllSports East
    Equipment and supplies