vermont football officials association

Governance & Organization

VFOA is an unincorporated membership association. The Bylaws provide for a 10 member Board of Directors who are responsible for general management and direction of the organization's business affairs. Directors are elected by the members and serve successive 2 year terms. Officers are selected from among the Board and also serve 2 year terms.


Annually, VFOA members elect a Commissioner in the North and a Commissioner in the South to exercise direct supervision, control and discipline of members and serve as liaison with VPA and VIFL athletic directors. The Commissioners coordinate and conduct weekly meetings in season, supervise all rules and mechanics examinations. The Board of Directors is authorized to engage an Assigner to work closely with the Commissioners and VIFL officers to schedule and assign crews of VFOA members to officiate VIFL Varsity contests. During recent seasons, VFOA members officiated all scheduled VIFL football games and subvarsity games through assignments made by the North and South Commissioners.